Best way to switch off: blow your mind

I can’t switch off. Part of it is I simply like what I do, I don’t really have TGIF moments. The other part of it is that I am inclined to think of problems if my mind is not occupied by something.

So what works for me is to expose my brain to mind-blowing things to think about; that make everything else seem less important. Look no further than astronomy and especially theoretical physics.

Sounds heavy but let me explain using a really cool theory around how our universe was created. Its called the Ekpyrotic universe theory (and is based on the M-theory / string-theory you will probably have heard of). I am going to reduce it to a few bullets and I apologise to all theoretical astrophysicists for botching it up. I don’t understand these theories particularly well, but trying hard gives me a kick. So here it goes:

  • There are further dimensions and we exist within a multiverse. I.e. there other universes in addition to our own -> *mind blown*
  • These other universes could be just a few meters from our own, but are rolled-up in those additional dimensions we don’t see -> *mind blown*
  • Each universe is within something called a brane (from membrane) . Every few trillion years these branes collide and create what we understand to be the big bang. -> *mind completely blown*

This TED talk is a great place to start if you want to blow your mind to switch off too.

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