Failure and Hidden Champions

There is a nice group of companies based in Berlin that have reached significant scale. They deservedly get a lot of attention. There’s also a group of companies that have yet to reach scale but also get a lot of attention. That’s cool. In fact building a buzz around your company can be a key skill every entrepreneur should master (but also managing the consequences of it).  Some of these early companies may fail this year. That’s also cool. The guaranteed Schadenfreude that will come less so.

None of these companies have raised a lot of money, none have spent too much time trying to figure it out. I hope when the times comes we make no fuss of it and give the teams the resources they need to take their next shot. I want to be a part of that next shot; you’re very welcome at Torstrasse 109.

However maybe its time we turn our attention to something else: the hidden champions.

We just inked another investment yesterday; these guys were right under our nose here in Berlin and we never knew it. We met them by pure coincidence. They haven’t been on TechCrunch yet, they don’t go to SXSW. But what they have done is quietly built a global category leader.

The hidden champions are among us – we all ought to be looking harder.

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