The person who can’t be run over by a bus

After investing in a company I like to spend a lot of time with the wider team to get a better feeling for how we can help. One thing that happens quite frequently, is that you discover a person outside of the founding or key management team who is really key for keeping the show going.

Sometimes its an amazing product manager who is the soul of the company, or a community manager that users and customers adore, or a particularly gifted backend engineer that keeps the platform but also spirits up due to her or his character.

So its obvious you don’t want to lose a founding or key management member. But sometimes there are other people in the company who play a role far beyond their job title.

I like to call them “people who can’t be run over by a bus” and try to make sure we are jointly doing everything so that they are happy (and safe ;)).


4 Comments on “The person who can’t be run over by a bus”

  1. Would be great if you could point out some concrete examples… or does that not work because they would be headhunted 🙂

  2. This is also an interesting exercise for board meetings. Look at the list of key people and, one-by-one, ask: What happens if XYZ goes? Doesn’t need to be a bus taking someone out, it can be the competition (probably not literally, depending on the industry).

    This leaves the company less vulnerable, both to leavers and to employee comp demands.

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