You don’t need to solve a big problem


One of the most common pieces of advice to entrepreneurs is to look for the biggest possible problem and go solve it. In fact, you’ll often hear VCs giving feedback along the lines of “not sure what problem this solves” or “the problem isn’t big enough”. It’s probably an accurate assessment at that time and certainly solving problems is a great way to build a business.

But sometimes it isn’t about problems, it’s about new opportunities and possibilities. Some of the most popular web services certainly were not strictly solving a “big problem” and only in hindsight can we see what they added to our daily lives.

So if you’re not solving “a big problem”, maybe you are building something that evokes emotions, is fun, makes things / life better – and that’s ok too. Don’t get to too preoccupied with problems.


2 Comments on “You don’t need to solve a big problem”

  1. I think one important distinction is between a small segment and a small market. Starting from a smaller and more defined segment of the market is actually a big opportunity in terms of staying focused. A lot of investors get stuck at that point – so often it’s the job of a founder to explain how smaller segments or products can grow into something much bigger over time.

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