Florian Meissner’s (@fmssnr) haircut & the entrepreneurial center stage

At a recent dinner I complemented Florian Meissner (EyeEm) on his new haircut. The hairdresser he goes to is right down my street so I just might try them out next time. 

But Florian is getting more than a sharp haircut there.

Each time Florian tells the hairdresser what kind of people he is looking to hire and the hairdresser will immediately know a few developers, designers, etc that are his customers too. The hairdresser will then let these folks know that EyeEm is hiring & hook them up with Florian. The hairdresser is a marketplace and database for talent.

I am hearing the same about other hair dressers, taxi drivers, real estate agents, etc. 

This is what happens when you live in a place where entrepreneurship has the center stage. This is great.

Flo, his haircut, my glasses

2 Comments on “Florian Meissner’s (@fmssnr) haircut & the entrepreneurial center stage”

  1. Philipp says:

    Who’s moustache is it?

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