Quick checklist for a good discussion / meeting & decision culture

One of the really important things to have at a company is a good meeting and discussion culture. You should check up regularly if that is the case.

If you do this well you will get to better decisions faster; and maybe even more importantly uncover tough issues well ahead of time.

So you may want to ask yourself questions like this every now and then after an important discussion:

  • was there a good / balanced discussion where various views were explored and no one bullied out?
  • was everyone being honest (this includes intellectual honesty – i.e. it is the real truth; not a derived supporting truth of an argument) or was there confirmation bias, blind position argumentation, etc going on?
  • was it of high intellectual quality – i.e. were people “getting it”?
  • did we really have all the data we needed?
  • was it intense and focused or lame?

There are more. Point being it is very hard to notice when your discussion culture slips and it’s easy to get comfortable. So make you sure you check after important discussions that lead to even more important decisions that you put your best foot forward before arriving there.

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