Welcome to the team

Last week I was hanging out (the google way) with Fred Wilson and we quickly got going on what is driving the entrepreneurial shift to urban inspiring environments (SF, NY, London, Berlin). We talked about a few obvious elements tech communities should have, before arriving at a final point I am going to call a “welcome to the team” attitude. Let me explain what that is by giving 2 examples of the opposite.

I grew up in Munich and love the city. However there is this attitude that you need to be 3rd generation born & raised in Munich to be “truly” from Munich. That does not make people new to town feel particularly welcome. We just made our first investment in Paris and love the French scene, yet if you aren’t really on top of your French you are pretty likely to be in for some rough treatment here and there in every day life. That does not make people new to town feel particularly welcome.

This is what makes SF, NY (any many other cities in the US), London and Berlin stand out just that little bit more: the minute you arrive you can melt in to the city, you can make the city yours, you are not a stranger. The minute you arrive you are part of the team.

This is a serious competitive advantage when the key to success is attracting the best international talent.

So to everyone who just joined the tech community in SF, NY, London, Berlin or anywhere else today: welcome to the team.

5 Comments on “Welcome to the team”

  1. The definition of a New Yorker is someone who chooses to live here.

    Come back soon 😉

  2. this is a great way to describe the attitude of these cities

  3. Masmitja says:

    We are building Silicon Gracia in Barcelona, a coworking community with very enthusiastic and talented people. Hope to join your team. Our place is yours too!

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