Don’t manage your startup by other people’s blog posts

One of the true gifts from the internet to entrepreneurship has been the volume and accessibility of information on how to build and run a company. Thank you internet for helping to democratize and liberate entrepreneurship like that.

Most good entrepreneurs will suck up information like a sponge, digest it and apply key learnings to their companies if and when they think it makes sense.

Here’s what doesn’t work so well: a  CEO (usually young & at a small startup) reads a blog post in the morning and changes the company’s product, strategy and / or operations later that day based on that blog post. Same CEO, same procedure next week. After a while your team may get the impression that you have no idea what you are doing.

They may be right.

One Comment on “Don’t manage your startup by other people’s blog posts”

  1. […] Of course every company is different (which is what makes startups challenging / exciting) and the correct answer is ‘It Depends’. Well that would be the correct answer if you were to ask a Top Tier paid adviser or consulting firm like a McKinsey, PA Consulting, Bain etc… This type of feedback exercise should really be treated more like a ‘brainstorming’ and ‘red team review’ session where ideas are proposed, attacked and defended in a safe environment. While too much advice and feedback can be quite negative and result in paralysis by ‘over-analysis’, I’ve often found it is very useful to discuss scenarios like these aloud with advisers when it comes to evolving and testing important strategic options. Remember, as Ciaran O’Leary at Early bird says, ‘Don’t manage your startup by other people’s blog posts’ 🙂 […]

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