Signature interactions and animations for apps

I was at a meeting earlier this week when the company’s head of product said “I think we have found our signature interaction”. It was a small sentence but it can mean a lot in consumer apps.

A signature interaction is a UI interaction / animation that is unique to your app. It ‘feels good’ to the user and is nearly addictive. It makes users feel emotionally attached to your app. It also provides identity and differentiation. We live in a world where a small feature or animation can make a huge difference on how your product is perceived.

Taptalk just launched 4 weeks ago (it is not the company mentioned at the top) and the most exciting thing has been to witness how emotionally charged people are when they first interact with the app. I can not tell you how important that is. Here are two Vine’s showing Taptalk’s signature interaction and also a signature animation. Can you spot them?

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