Our syndicate partners mapped out (literally) & the underlying trend

I used a service called CartoDB to map out the geographical distribution and density of the other VC funds we have syndicated with over the last 18-24 months or so. It’s a density map: so darker means we have syndicated with a lot of folks from that place, lighter means just a few or one. The picture that emerges is pretty clear (you can click on the map to go to a better version):

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 17.29.22

We have invested with more funds from the US (both East and West Coast) than from any other country. UK (London) is second, then Germany.

So basically this confirms what we are seeing more and more: European entrepreneurs can raise from anywhere, US funds are filling the capital void in Europe and local capital is becoming less relevant.

We are going to do more work on this but I thought this was neat enough to share.

In case you are wondering here is a full list of the folks on that map:


  • 500 Startups
  • Betaworks
  • CAA / Texas Pacific Group
  • DFJ
  • Lerer Ventures
  • Sequoia
  • SV Angel
  • Thrive Capital
  • Union Square Ventures


  • DN Capital
  • DFJ Esprit
  • Index
  • Passion
  • Piton


  • e.ventures
  • Holtzbrinck
  • Paua Ventures

Other Europe

  • Bright Capital (Russia)
  • Kite Ventures (Russia)
  • Open Ocean (Finland)
  • Red Alpine (Switzerland)

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