Problems get worse with time, exponentially.

One of the things we learned as a team is that if we see a problem, a misunderstanding, etc – it needs to be addressed and fixed immediately. The same can be said in many other areas – that technical debt that is piling up, that employee you know you will need to ask to leave the company but are hesitating too, that redesign you are pushing out, etc.

Everything gets worse with time, exponentially. So the energy and expense required to fix the problem also grows exponentially.

Now I know not everything can be fixed immediately; but if it can – it should be.


3 Comments on “Problems get worse with time, exponentially.”

  1. Sebastian S. says:

    No, don’t fully agree. More often than sometimes, problems solve themselves if just left alone! The art of good management is to be able to distinguish which problem can be “sit out” and which problem should be addressed immediately because it will only get worse with time…

  2. Pat says:

    When you lose the sense of urgency, it is “game over”.

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